Scholarship History

Beginnings of the Scholarship

The Trust was established on November 5, 1946, by the Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Francis Carney, following discussions with Dwight D. Eisenhower on October 20, 1945. Its purpose was to honour Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s significant contributions as the U.S. President during World War II and create a local tribute in his memory through scholarships. The Lord Mayor sought to express gratitude to Roosevelt’s leadership, who passed away shortly before the war ended.

The Scholarship’s objective is to support the education and study of American history and culture by providing scholarships to talented individuals in commerce and industry, enabling them to visit the United States.

The original Trustees included various prominent individuals from Nottingham’s business, education, and civic sectors.

Scholarship History

1949 Scholars
The Scholarship embodies the shared vision of closer collaboration and mutual understanding between nations.

Four pioneering individuals—John Adams, Denis Greensmith, Fred Riddell, and Dennis Goldsworth—were selected to tour North America, promoting goodwill while gathering invaluable career insights. Their journey, funded at £2,000, facilitated not only career development but also the fostering of friendships and goodwill.

Noteworthy moments included a weekend at Eleanor Roosevelt’s estate, reciprocated 15 years later when she warmly praised the scholarship during her visit to Nottingham. Marking the Silver Jubilee, Sir Andrew Buchanan expressed gratitude for the scholarship’s founders and highlighted the continued importance of providing opportunities for Nottingham’s youth, a sentiment echoed by current trustees in selecting scholars.

Through the years, the scholarship has evolved, adapting to changing times while remaining committed to enabling young men and women from Nottingham and Nottinghamshire to benefit from its invaluable opportunities.

The Roosevelt Club

Trip to Jerusalem
Trip to Jerusalem
Credit: Experience Nottingham

The Roosevelt Club was formed by past scholars as an indication of the lasting debt of gratitude to the Scholarship. Composed entirely of Scholars, they have, through the Club, devoted considerable time and effort to the perpetuation of the original idea of the Scholarship through fund raising and helping in any way they can. Past, present and future Scholars are also high on their list of priorities.

Scholarship Structure

The scholarship is a registered charity, registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales – number 51941. Trustees are appointed on a three year basis. They can be re-nominated to stand for a further three year period, they have to proposed, seconded and voted in by a majority of Trustees present at the meeting. There is no limit to the number of terms a Trustee can have.