How to apply for the Roosevelt Scholarship

The 2021 scholars have been selected and new applications will begin in January 2022. When we re-open we will update this page and send details to our mailing list (sign up below).

Explore America and discover a new you.

The Nottingham Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship is a unique professional development opportunity that enables you to spend six to twelve weeks in the USA immersing yourself in American culture and your chosen project. It is open to anyone living or working in Nottinghamshire aged between 21 and 35.


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Major Oak Sherwood


The Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship is open to all individuals aged between 21 and 35 as at 1st September in the year they apply.  Applicants should work and/or live in Nottingham or the County of Nottinghamshire and they should be primarily engaged in trade, commerce or the professions.

Applicants need to be in employment in the private, public or third sector.

Applicants are asked to complete an application form, explaining why they wish to be selected, what they propose to do and with what purpose, informing us of their present work and future career intentions and why they consider themselves to be suitable to be granted the Scholarship.

Selection Process

Nottingham Castle Credit: Experience Nottingham
Nottingham Castle
Credit: Experience Nottingham
There are 3 stages to a successful application.

Applications for the 2020 scholarship will open on 3 January 2020 with a closing date of Friday 6 March 2020. 

  1. Submission of a completed application which is received on time.
  2. The first interview for a short list of candidates will be held on Friday 27 March 2020 in Nottingham. This interview will be in a city location with 4 Trustees and/or recent Scholars and will take around 40 minutes.We will be looking to establish your general knowledge on both current affairs and Nottinghamshire (since you will be expected to be an ambassador for the city and county), the value and practicality of your chosen project and we would also like to hear where you see your future career opportunities. We expect this interview to be fairly informal and to give candidates a good chance to discuss things with us too.
  3. The second and final interview will be on Thursday 23 April 2020 at County Hall in West Bridgford. We aim to select 3 -5 candidates for the final stage. This will take the form of a presentation to all of our Trustees followed by a selection of questions on you and your proposed project.

Making a successful application

The Scholarship looks to send individuals who will represent themselves, Nottinghamshire and their chosen interests in the best possible light. Scholars will have a good knowledge of their part of Nottinghamshire, their particular field of interest and will have a variety of other interests about which they can readily talk.

Your application form and, if shortlisted, your interview is your opportunity to demonstrate that you have the qualities desired. A three month trip takes a lot of planning. Whilst it is not possible to fully plan a trip during the application stage, you will benefit from showing how you plan to spend your time in America. You should also give thought to the practicalities of such a trip and consider potential impacts on your career, close family and what will happen on your return.

In addition you;

  1. Should be able to demonstrate your independence and how this might be used both in preparing for and in enhancing your Scholarship experience.
  2. Should have the intellectual capability and interpersonal skills to cope with the ambassadorial role and should be able to discuss your approach to this at interview, drawing upon appropriate experience where possible.
  3. Must be able to demonstrate how the Scholarship will be used to improve your business/career knowledge and skills, outlining the expected benefits to you, your employer and Nottinghamshire You should also provide some indicators of how the success of those benefits might be measured.
  4. Should have clear plans for disseminating the outcomes and benefits from your Scholarship visit on return to England.

To help prepare you could visit to the Local Studies section of local public libraries and in particular read “Nottingham an Illustrated History” by John Beckett and”Portrait of Nottingham” by Emrys Bryson.

You could also visit Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Chamber of Commerce’s website at, the US Embassy at and

Further information on your role while in the US and what to expect on your return is available on the ‘About NRMTS’ tab.

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