Scholar Benefits

A Lifetime of Benefits

As the following examples show, the Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Memorial Travelling Scholarship has been benefiting Scholars and their employers since 1949.

Sandy Gill

Nurse Sandy Gill, Scholar 2014

whose trip proved invaluable for her work in the trauma unit at Queen’s Medical Centre. The 28-year-old visited seven states last year to see how hospital patients who had suffered major trauma were helped to recover.

“I visited seven different states and got to experience how they handled major trauma at the front door right through to ongoing rehabilitation following life-changing injuries”.

“The experience gave me valuable insights which I have been able to bring back to Nottingham.”

Laura Hailes

Laura Hailes, Scholar 2012

“I looked into how America organises their nursing leadership and how they empower their staff.”

“Since my return, I’ve set up the UK Forum of Shared Governance and commenced roll-out of Nottingham’s own shared governance programme, which empowers staff and has a positive impact on patient outcome.

“Without my experience in America, I would not have been able to achieve the things I have at Queen’s Medical Centre.”

Gareth Bartsch

Gareth Bartsch Scholar 2012

“I wanted to understand the American attitude towards the hospitality industry with a view of implementing a training programme for my family hotel business”

“The experience I gained during my trip has enabled me to make a real impact not just on our business but on the careers of our employees and helped us attract some of the best talent available in a tough industry”

Karl Bartsch, Gareth’s father and employer is a strong supporter following Gareth’s 2012 trip. “We knew it would be difficult losing a member of our senior management for three months but the benefits that the training programmes and links to the US hospitality schools that Gareth has established has allowed our business to grow and attract, nurture and develop the careers some of the brightest talents within the hospitality industry that Nottingham has to offer”

Simeon Hartwig

Simeon Hartwig, Scholar 2010

The Scholarship gave me an awesome insight into the American streetwear market. On return to the UK I put what I learnt into practice with a successful pop up shop which included two legendary in-store hip hop nights. The experience has had an impact on the direction of Bantum clothing and gave us good links and new business on the East coast.

Louise Darby

Louise Darby, Scholar 2008

Since I’ve got back from the States I applied for and got the job of Framework’s Fundraising Manager – the Scholarship was noted by the decision making panel!

The scholarship gave me confidence and taught me that there is no magic answer to raising funds, no tried and tested thing that always works, every organisation is different and what works in one fails in another. Instead it is more about passion, hard work and the confidence to keep trying. So rather than setting out an action plan which would duplicate an approach I saw, I find that every now and then I look at a plan we are making, problem we need to solve or idea we have, and in hindsight I recognise something in it – I think about why – and I recognise someone I met in the States.

“I would urge other managers to consider how a scholarship can develop employees. The scholarship developed a young member of the team to gain confidence in working with senior personnel and provided an opportunity for extensive peer learning At first an extended period out of the office can pose a challenge, but three years on the results are tangible, and in fact I am confident the experience will continue to benefit both Louise and Framework.” Chris Senior, Head of Fundraising & Communications, Framework

Amanda Green, Scholar 2004

The scholarship has shown me that sometimes one needs to step out of the comfort zone, challenge tradition, and take a chance in life. The experience has taught me to take life by the throat, to be proactive, to chase my dreams, and to take risks. There’s no doubt that if I had ignored the opportunity presented to me 1 year previous, I would have been perfectly fine and happy……but now everything has changed beyond my wildest expectation.

Katherine Mitchell, Scholar 2003

Through the Scholarship I was able to successfully raise the profile of my employer (NTU), strengthening international links and initiating future collaborations for both staff and students. Not only will this enhance the student experience, it will also contribute to producing graduates with the skills to thrive in all areas of the Creative Industries. I am very proud to report that my achievements were acknowledged in the University’s Annual Report.

Tracey Latham, Scholar 2002

The experience has developed me personally, made me more confident and improved my presentation skills. It has motivated me in my line of work, given me ideas about how I would like my career to develop, helped me to develop better budgeting skills, made me more resourceful and independent. I have also developed a deeper passion for learning – discovered different elements and subjects that I crave to know more about.

Amanda Roberts, Scholar 1980

The Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Scholarship is an astonishing opportunity which year on year changes the course of young people’s lives – including mine. I became more engaged – with work, with the community and, quite literally, with a handsome young man I met through Roosevelt connections. Before the Scholarship I had expected to stay up to three more years in the county but have never needed to leave to find fascinating job opportunities.

Chris Aylett, Scholar 1969

I can honestly say now, some 40 years later, that winning the scholarship was a life-changing experience for me. I knew nothing of the United States, and took this chance to travel as widely as I possibly could, to as many States from East to West, North to South, to experience as wide a range of activities as possible. I spoke at dinners, met new business contacts, made friends with people who remain friends ever since, and gained more first-hand experience of the real United States than many of my American friends have done in a lifetime. Directly from speaking at dinners, I was approached by an NYSE company, who later engaged me to look after mergers and acquisitions in Europe. I took this job at aged 24 and they admitted that it was purely having heard me speak whilst as a Nottingham Roosevelt Scholar, that they took a chance on me. This career path led me into an entirely new area of business which kept me occupied and busy throughout my life – and led me to my current position. I know of no other scholarship that has the power to change lives and I admire the work of the entire team and supporters of this excellent scheme.

Barry Hayes, Scholar 1959

Barry visited 84 cities at a time when very few people travelled abroad. He met many influential people including Eleanor Roosevelt and a young Richard Nixon. When he returned to Nottingham he became the founding Chairman of the Nottingham Roosevelt Club and remained a Trustee until 1973.

Dennis Goldsworth, Scholar 1949

In 1953 Dennis wrote:

Like many of the citizens of Nottingham I had only a scanty general knowledge of the American people before visiting that country, but with the Scholarship I was able to supplement my meagre book-learning with actual experiences of their way of life and to see for myself their problems and solutions in the industrial, social and economic spheres.

In order to take the fullest advantage of the opportunities offered I travelled extensively – New York to San Francisco, Toronto to Los Angeles, so that I was able to appreciate the differences between the outlook of the West and mid-West compared with that of the Eastern States. My studies were in the spheres of Art Education and the Graphic Arts (Lithographic Division) and through the companies, Art Institutes and Universities I was able to meet a large number of people representative of the community. In all the places I visited I found a friendly atmosphere, a willingness to co-operate and a readiness to discuss technical problems and methods. The hospitality and generosity of the American people is, of course, well-known, and we were overwhelmed by their spontaneous offers of which it would be unfair to single out any one instance.

The highlight of the tour was, of course, the visits to Hyde Park where we were entertained by Mrs Eleanor Roosevelt. I can only say that her personality was such that we felt at home immediately. During our first visit we enjoyed the use of the swimming pool, especially after a wearisome rail- journey.

Whilst gaining a greater knowledge and understanding of the American people I do not feel that it was entirely one-sided for we were able to impart some of our viewpoints in numerous discussions. I feel sure that FD Roosevelt ‘s ideals are furthered by the Anglo-American contacts resulting from such a Scholarship and I am grateful for the opportunity afforded to me by this Scholarship in the summer of 1949.

Dennis Greensmith, Scholar 1949

It is difficult to recall some of the details but there remains, and will always remain, the impression that this was one of the happiest and most significant events in my life.