Current Scholars

Meet our 2017 Scholars

Angelena Efstathiou
I am passionate and over excitable conservationists who specialises in bat ecology and whilst in the USA I will be researching two subjects: i) How to increase community and youth engagement with wildlife and ii) understanding species re introduction programs. I am hoping to bring information back to Nottinghamshire that will benefit wildlife and people, to inspire more people to get involved in its protection for the future.

Gareth Morgan
I’m Gareth, a writer, theatre-maker and education specialist from Nottingham. I’ll mostly be travelling in the Southwest of the US looking at how primary school aged children learn English & develop a love of reading, with a particular interest to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds, or with English as a second language. This is why there are loads of books in the background.

Miles Waghorn
I’m Miles, I’m 24 and I’m an entrepreneur. As the world’s ageing population grows, huge numbers of older people will experience problems like dementia, loneliness and isolation. I’m an entrepreneur that believes technology holds the key to combating these problems and help seniors live a happier, healthier and more independent lifestyle.