Scholar impact reports

Laura Hailes

Laura Hailes

Laura graduated in Adult Nursing in 2010, from the University of Nottingham. She started her clinical career in Chemotherapy and Cancer Care, and was here until she gained the Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship in 2012. The Scholarship saw her visit 13 hospitals, in 12 States, over 3 months. Whilst in the US, she investigated Hospitals’ use of Shared Governance. Shared Governance is structure used to organised Nursing Leadership, which sees hierarchies flattened, managers adopting a more facilitative style and frontline staff having a key voice in the decision making process.

Read Laura’s full impact report here


Sheridan Chilvers

Sheridan Chilvers is currently the Big Bang Executive Officer at Learn By Design and Founder of Creative-Dimensions, a 3D printing and Scanning company.

Sheridan is a 2011 Scholar and travelled to the USA to research the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Upon his return to Nottingham he was appointed a new post of Entrepreneur-In-Residence at New College Nottingham.

Read Sheridan’s full impact report here

Alex Ball

Alex Ball

Alex is an elected city councillor for Sherwood Ward and worked for Boots when he went to the States to originally research “Company Towns” but broadened the topic to The Modern American Town : How its employers, citizens and government are dealing with the current economic climate”. Alex timed his travels to co-incide with the 2012 US Elections and maintained a blog of his travels.

Alex is a 2010 scholar.

Read Alex’s full impact report here