Benefits for Nottinghamshire

Major Oak Sherwood
Major Oak Sherwood
Credit: Experience Nottingham

Returning scholars bring back a wealth of up to date thinking on their project which they can directly apply to their career / jobs. Depending on the arrangement with their employers before their travels this can then be applied directly as part of an integrated improvement or fed in as the scholar sees the opportunities for applying new techniques and processes.

The scholar will also bring back huge amounts of energy and confidence to apply to their business and home lives. Travelling alone for three months, meeting new people each day, visiting tens of new locations shows that almost anything is possible. It is this positiveness that helps find a way through current issues and obstacles.

Businesses can utilise this energy and “new set of eyes” to create new opportunities and overcome existing challenges. The scholars come from a wide cross section of areas within the county – Boots, Nottingham Hospitals, Weavers, British Gypsum, Courtaulds, Nottingham City Council, Nottingham Trent University, Framework, KPMG, Royal Institute for the Blind – and recently independent entrepreneurs.

Some scholars do move away from the area, especially as the job market means people must become more mobile. However some scholars do also then return to area which gave them such a life changing opportunity. Here are some quotes from scholars / managers

Chris Senior, Head of Fundraising & Communications, Framework

“I would urge other managers to consider how a scholarship can develop employees.   The scholarship developed a young member of the team to gain confidence in working with senior personnel and provided an opportunity for extensive peer learning   At first an extended period out of the office can pose a challenge, but three years on the results are tangible, and in fact I am confident the experience will continue to benefit both Louise and Framework.”

Simeon Hartwig, owner of Bantum Clothing and Scholar 2010

Bantum Clothing
The Scholarship gave me an awesome insight into the American streetwear market. On return to the UK I put what I learnt into practice with a successful pop up shop which included two legendary in-store hip hop nights. The experience has had an impact on the direction of Bantum clothing and gave us good links and new business on the East coast.

Amanda Roberts, Scholar 1980

Home Improvement Trust
“The Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Scholarship is an astonishing opportunity which year on year changes the course of young people’s lives – including mine. I became more engaged – with work, with the community and, quite literally, with a handsome young man I met through Roosevelt connections. Before the Scholarship I had expected to stay up to three more years in the county but have never needed to leave to find fascinating job opportunities.

Russ Blenkinsop, 1983 Scholar

Courtaulds Factory Shop

“After returning from the scholarship I progressed to my first Finance Director position within Courtaulds. Although this was in Lancaster with subsequent promotion to Liberty Fabrics in the States, I returned to Nottingham 6 years later as Financial Controller of Courtaulds International Fabrics. There I helped stabilise the business and co-ordinate the various overseas operations. I then moved to Bell Fruit Games in Lenton and helped them become the dominant player they are today. The experiences of the States and the scholarship led me to form Lowdham Colts which has grown to be a thriving junior football club with over 200 players”

Laura Hailes, Scholar 2012,

Nottingham University Hospitals
“I looked into how America organises their nursing leadership and how they empower their staff.”
“Since my return, I’ve set up the UK Forum of Shared Governance and commenced roll-out of Nottingham’s own shared governance programme, which empowers staff and has a positive impact on patient outcome.”

“Without my experience in America, I would not have been able to achieve the things I have at Queen’s Medical Centre.”

Karl Bartsch, father and employer of Gareth Bartsch 2012 scholar.

Manners Arms Knipton
“We knew it would be difficult losing a member of our senior management for three months but the benefits that the training programmes and links to the US hospitality schools that Gareth has established has allowed our business to grow and attract, nurture and develop the careers some of the brightest talents within the hospitality industry that Nottingham has to offer”