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How Can the Scholarship be a Benefit to the Employer?

The Scholarship…

The trust was initially established following the end of the second world war, to award a scholarship or scholarships to young men and women engaged in industry and commerce between the ages of 20 and 30 who are resident or employed in the city or county of Nottingham to enable them to visit the United States of America for the purpose of obtaining further education within their chosen field of expertise and in particular to study and benefit from the history and way of life of the American people and to promote the eternal friendships of the two nations.

Over the following 67 years the scholarship has developed into an opportunity for the young men and women of Nottingham to gain a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel throughout the USA while undertaking a project which will benefit their employer, Nottingham as a whole and themselves, both professionally and on a personal level.

The scholarship has sent over 150 scholars to USA from a varied range of industries, small & medium large sized businesses to the NHS. The scholarship has benefited many companies in many ways and your company could also benefit from allowing your staff the time to enrich their experiences and develop in a professional and respected travel programme.

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Benefits to the Employer…

Your business can benefit in many ways from having a ‘Roosevelt Scholar’ within their ranks.

  • Displays Strong Social Awareness and Positive Employee Benefits.
  • Employee Investigates a project which will benefit the business upon their return.
  • Employee will gain greater knowledge of the industry often bringing new ideas and better practice upon their return.
  • Employer gains greater awareness through strong media coverage of the scholarship both prior to departure and following the scholars return.
  • Increased recruitment of higher caliber employees – if employees are aware ‘benefits’ such as travel opportunities are available it makes the role more appealing to stronger candidates
  • Increased staff retention and loyalty – employees will feel greater value if they can benefit from the scholarship and commit to the future of your company.
  • Potential to open new links within the USA which would not be achievable without a scholar promoting the business.

Don’t just take our word for it…

This is just a small selection of what some of our scholars have been up to and how they have influenced their business upon their return…

Sandy Gill
Nurse Sandy Gill went to the States after being awarded a Nottinghamshire Roosevelt Travelling Scholarship in 2014 and the trip proved invaluable for her work in the trauma unit at Queen’s Medical Centre.

The 28-year-old visited seven states last year to see how hospital patients who had suffered major trauma were helped to recover.

“I visited seven different states and got to experience how they handled major trauma at the front door right through to ongoing rehabilitation following life-changing injuries”.

“The experience gave me valuable insights which I have been able to bring back to Nottingham.”

Laura Hailes
Laura Hailes, 28, of Carrington, a scholar from 2012 said of her trip to the USA, “I looked into how America organises their nursing leadership and how they empower their staff.”

“Since my return, I’ve set up the UK Forum of Shared Governance and commenced roll-out of Nottingham’s own shared governance programme, which empowers staff and has a positive impact on patient outcome.

“Without my experience in America, I would not have been able to achieve the things I have at Queen’s Medical Centre.”

Gareth Bartsch
Gareth Bartsch, also a 2012 scholar stated “I wanted to understand the American attitude towards the hospitality industry with a view of implementing a training programme for my family hotel business”

“The experience I gained during my trip has enabled me to make a real impact not just on our business but on the careers of our employees and helped us attract some of the best talent available in a tough industry”

Karl Bartsch, Gareth’s father and employer is a strong supporter following Gareth’s 2012 trip. “We knew it would be difficult losing a member of our senior management for three months but the benefits that the training programmes and links to the US hospitality schools that Gareth has established has allowed our business to grow and attract, nurture and develop the careers some of the brightest talents within the hospitality industry that Nottingham has to offer”