Tori Harrison

I’m Tori Harrison, a fundraiser for Framework Homelessness Charity and an individual passionate about social justice. By working with not-for-profits in America I hope to find the most effective strategies build relationships between charity and supporter and to encourage greater assistance for homeless people in Nottinghamshire. I’m calling this project Doing good in a modern world and I am particularly interested in looking at the way in which successful community organisations use modern techniques and technologies to build mutually beneficially relationships with donors. In today’s world charitable-giving is a competitive arena and it can be difficult for charities to survive to continue their valuable work. As Framework supports almost 12,000 people a year and homelessness statistics have been rising year-on-year for seven consecutive years I believe that the support provided to vulnerable people is now more important than ever.

By making a trip that visits a variety of places in the States, starting in New York and travelling in a clockwise direction around the country I hope to experience a vast range of professional learnings and of American life. The country is unexplored territory for me and I hope to work with charities in Texas, New Orleans, San Francisco, Portland Oregon and Chicago. There are also a number of international fundraising conferences that I am applying for a scholarship position at, so I may attend.

The scholarship is something I would really struggle to emulate myself and I am so thrilled to be given this magnificent opportunity. By gaining engagement and donor cultivation knowledge to return to Nottingham with I will be well equipped to start similar approaches at home and reinforce support for many vulnerable and marginalised people in Nottinghamshire. I also hope to bring attractive options to donors themselves so that people know ways to help those in need and can feel confident that any financial giving will be impactful.

Hard work and determination has secured my place as a scholar and I feel indebted to the founders, existing and previous members and sponsors of the scholarship who make it what it is today. My primary steps into the voluntary sector were initially taking part-in and later, organising a European hitch-hiking fundraising event. Therefore I have travelled great distances in an unusual way through many countries, all in the name of charity. I understand fully that travel is a wonderful way to broaden the mind. I will relish every moment of this adventure to make it the best opportunity it can be for myself, Framework and for Nottinghamshire as a whole.