Natalie Rudyj

My name is Natalie, and I am currently working as an Advisor for the Business & Intellectual Property Centre- supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs in accessing resources to grow their businesses. Whilst visiting America, I will be exploring strategies used to encourage economic development- focusing on adult education, employability and entrepreneurship.

Having been born and raised in Nottingham, I am passionate about my city and having an active role within my community. Over the years, I have worked with various organisations in an advisory role- supporting people in developing their confidence, improving employability and exploring career opportunities.

Whilst in America, I will be looking at economic development strategies across states- focusing on adult education, employability and entrepreneurship. I will be visiting local government offices, libraries and partner organisations and investigating methods used to engage minorities and hard to reach groups. I will also be looking at how governments have responded to the global pandemic, and the support being offered to those that have lost businesses or been made redundant.

My journey will begin in New York City where I will visit the Work Progress Program- an organisation that works with young people to provide internships at non-profit organisations. I will then travel to Washington DC and down to Atlanta to visit The Village Market and learn about the business support they provide to minority groups.  I will finish my trip in Detroit, visiting the Heidelberg Project- a vibrant art experiment which has evolved into a creative Leadership Academy.

I am excited about visiting different states across America, meeting people who are passionate about their communities and learning more about American culture. I am also looking forward to using the research I gather to develop creative methods in supporting people on their career journey.

Going to America will be a life changing experience, one which will undoubtedly help develop my confidence and self awareness and my project management abilities. More than anything I am hoping that this experience will give me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, and provide a unique experience that I will never forget.