Ell Manning

My name is Ellie Manning (Known as Ell to most ?). I am a Peer Support Worker (PSW) for an Adult Local Mental Health Team (NHS). I also now have the bursting pride and honour to introduce myself as a Roosevelt Scholar for 2022.

A PSW is an individual that has experienced mental health challenges either personally or as a carer. Within my role I use my lived experience of my healing journey to support other people in their healing journeys, being able to display genuine empathy and sow seeds of hope along the way.

My proposal will see me visit organisations of best practice to increase my understanding of Peer Support in mental health services and learn how colleagues in the US have implemented career development opportunities for PSW’s with a focus on Peer Leadership Courses and Peer Led Services with the view to implement my findings within Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust and beyond, creating career progression opportunities for PSW’s and alternative offerings to supporting people accessing mental health services.

I was born and raised in Nottingham and have always been fascinated by the hustle and bustle of society around me. I have always been inspired by the diversity in Nottingham and the unique individuals that make up and bring our community together. As an ex-member of international Cabin Crew, I can genuinely say that there really is no place like home! I believe all my experiences (even the more negative ones!) throughout my life have allowed me to patiently explore and embrace the multifaceted individual that I am.

My proposal will see me visit various places across the US including Arizona, Boston, New York and Chicago where organisations are pioneering in Peer Led Services and Peer Leadership Courses. My ultimate goal would be to learn from our colleagues in the states and implement change within our NHS to make our mental health services more approachable and accessible. I feel that this initiative and my passion for Peer Support will help eradicate the negative stigma around mental health challenges and allow for more challenging conversations to be opened with ease.

At this point, words fail me when it comes to describing what it means to me to be a Roosevelt Scholar! It’s probably one of the few instances I have been lost for words. When I took that life changing call to say I had been awarded the Scholarship, I burst into tears (sorry Russ!). Being a Scholar fills me with so much pride and honour that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I get tingles each time I say, “I am a Scholar”. Being part of the Roosevelt Scholar Family has brought a whole new sense of identity that I did not realise I was lacking. I am eager to unlock new elements of myself on this journey.

I am excited to share my journey with you all and will be doing so through social media. I already have a Twitter and Instagram account set up and have already begun posting. You can follow these by searching @peeringell on both platforms. (Facebook and a blog pending!!).