Ben Felstead

I’ve worked for the Nottinghamshire YMCA as Lead Arts Practitioner and Facility Co-ordinator, designing and delivering accredited programs in Music, Film, Radio and Art. My project is Exploring Creative Development within Youth Work & Community Arts . My research and passion is rooted around developing creative attitude and expression within my participants. Here barriers can be broken down and essential life skills can be developed, elevating confidence, community cohesion, ambition and self-worth. I want to further develop understanding and experience of creativity within the arts, exploring teaching methods and learning styles across different settings of youth and community organisations, groups and practitioners.

I would like to explore, discuss, debate and deliver the concept and application of the Creative Attitudes but in a more practical setting. The ‘Creative Attitude’s’ were designed and formulated by a hugely influential mentor in my career, Dr. Martin Sumner founder of one of Nottingham’s most successful independent school. The creative attitudes were formed as a response to looking at quantifying what exactly is happening in the transaction between a community artist and the participant. I am currently studying a MA in Sonic Arts at the University of Sheffield and it is here and within my work at the Nottinghamshire YMCA that I am developing my research and ideologies around creativity within youth and community work. I am currently undertaking a research project and dissertation at the University in which I am exploring a theoretical structure of characteristics and behaviours named ‘The Creative Attitudes’.

Music plays an important role in my life and I’ve been lucky enough to perform in various acts around the UK and Europe at various venues, concert halls and festivals. I also run a creative arts label called Phlexx Records and we put on a number of music and arts events that fundraise for a number of local charities. I’m really interested in Wildlife and the Natural world and frequently go out on excursions filming, recording and photographing nature. I have travelled to various festivals and workshops performing in a range of acts.