Elisia Denton

Elisia was one of the 2015 scholars having graduated from the University of Lincoln with a first Class BA Honours degree in Accountancy and Finance. Elisia currently works for Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. They are a non-profit place marketing organisation (PMO) who aims to promote Nottingham and Nottinghamshire as a top UK destination for inward investment, tourism and graduate employment.

Her time in the US focussed on researching different entrepreneurial ecosystems with a particular emphasis on social enterprises and sources of finance. She was selected as one of the global fellows for Social Innovation for Starting Bloc at the Washington DC Institute 2015. Since her return to Nottingham she has become a contributing member of the Social Enterprise Nottingham Consortium. This is a small group of organisations and individuals who are committed to working together to promote the development of social enterprises across Nottingham. She is also working with two female entrepreneurs on developing a micro-granting dinner for Nottingham businesses following the ‘Detriot Soup’ model that she researched during her travels.

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